Battery law in Germany

The battery law is regarding the implementation of the battery directive in national German law.

The core of the German law is the provision regarding the placing on the market, the taking back and the environmentally friendly disposal of batteries and accumulators. It prescribes among others binding taking back quota and limits for the use of cadmium, lead and mercury in Germany and obliges the manufacturers and exporters acting on the German market to get registered in a national manufacturers register in order to be allowed to market batteries and accumulators in Germany further on.

The manufacturers of device batteries must ensure the obligation to take back and dispose of such batteries by participating in a mutual non-profitable and area-wide acting taking back system for used batteries in devices (mutual taking back system).

Moreover, the manufacturers, exporters or importers must mark the batteries and accumulators with the symbol of a crossed out bin and register to the German Federal Environment Agency. The notification of quantity of the sold batteries is performed by a mutual taking back system for batteries.

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