CE sign

On numerous products which are offered on the market you may find the abbreviation "CE". But what does this abbreviation stand for? It is regarding a marking of the safety of products applicable according to European law.

The intention of the CE sign (Conformité Européenne) is to show to the user within the European economic area that the purchased product complies with the applicable European directives. As part of the international market directives of the European Union, it determines a certain minimum requirement of safety and health properties of numerous products. With the CE sign and a corresponding conformity evaluation procedure the manufacturer confirms that the products comply with all applicable directives and minimum requirements. The CE sign is condition for the first commissioning of products within the European economic area which are subject to European directives. Despite everything, the CE sign is no seal of quality of the products and therefore it does not allow any conclusions, if an independent authority took part in the conformity evaluation procedure of the products.

For any further questions or upcoming challenges in the implementation of the CE sign, take-e-way will of course be glad to help you.