Packaging ordinance in Germany

The packaging ordinance is the directive of the European Parliament and of the council regarding packaging and packaging waste according to the Act on the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management (KRW/AbfG) This ordinance aims to avoid or to reduce the effects of waste from packaging on the environment.
In this way, it is ensured to attain the objectives, the packaging ordinance was last modified by the 5th amendment. Since January 1st, 2009, it prescribes additional obligations for the concerned companies, in particular for mail order companies and Internet traders in Germany and in the EU.

In the packaging ordinance the legislator distinguishes between sales packaging, outer packaging and transport packaging.

The sales packaging generally include all packaging which acrue at the end user’s premises. I.e. bubble envelopes, wrapping films and wood wool.

All “initial circulators“ who sell packaging filled with goods are concerned by the ordinance. They have to participate in the Dual System acting on the German market which shall ensure the licensing of the packaging.

Furthermore, the market participants in Germany are obliged to submit a completeness statement about the sold packaging quantities to the German chamber of commerce, if certain material-dependent quantity thresholds are being exceeded (80 t of glass, 50 t of paper, cardboards and cardboard packaging, as well as 30 t of other materials).

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