Product liability

The product liability of manufacturers for their among others electrical devices and electronic equipment in Germany is based on the Product Liability Law which immerged from a European directive of 1985 and was implemented in the other European member states in a comparable way.

The manufacturer or exporter is obliged to represent the liability for damages caused by defective electrical devices and electronic equipment at the end user. In this case, the real producer of goods, the traders of no-name products without assignable manufacturers, exporters and importers of goods from of non-European areas are regarded as manufacturers. If an electrical device and electronic equipment is marketed commercially which does not offer the necessary safety and this is no appearance of natural usage, the electrical device or electronic equipment is regarded as defective and the end user can claim compensation under certain conditions. The end user should be protected against risks caused by defective electrical devices and electronic equipment independent from a fault of the manufacturer. The product liability represents an important part of the consumer protection.

take-e-way will submit you further information about the legal directives and regulations to which you should pay attention in particular in order that no product liability claims might taking place and which generally need to be observed.