User manual make-e-business

Are you new at make-e-business?

We would like to welcome you! Nice to meet you! We would like to help you, to rapidly get used to the platform and to safely approach manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and dealers as well as exporters of electrical devices, electronic equipment and batteries.

Manufacturers and importers as well as wholesalers who import or manufacture batteries have the option to enter here devices on the commercial trading platform.

How to contact the take-e-way customer service?

You can contact take-e-way either by phone or by Email. take-e-way is your personal contact.

What is make-e-business?

Make-e-business is a trading platform for tradesmen of the industry of electrical devices. Make-e-business offers a b2b network to manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and dealers.

How to enter devices?

Manufacturers, importers or importing wholesalers of electrical devices can enter electrical devices free of charge as soon as their registration was checked.

How to contact a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, dealer of electrical device?

It is necessary to register as commercial member in order to approach a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, dealer of electrical devices.


Before entering electrical devices on make-e-business you have to register free of charge as make-e-business member. The registration for tradesmen, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and dealers for electrical devices is simple and free of charge at make-e- business.

Register as new member

First enter your company contact data.

The contact information include company name, company address, E-Mail address and phone number as well as the legal form of the business and the differentiation in the area of activity (manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, trader of electrical devices) where your company is mainly acting.  

Determining user name and password

Your user name by which you identify yourself on make-e-business together with the password is required for the login area, for the entering of electrical devices and for approaching manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, dealers of electrical devices. For safety reasons it is recommended to change the password in regular intervals.

Confirming the registration

Please enter an Email address for the company registration which you can call immediately. This is important since we will send you a confirmation code by Email in order to complete the registration. Without this confirmation you cannot open any make-e-business account on make-e-business.

Retriving our Email including the confirmation code

Only if you confirm the delivered confirmation link in our Email you can complete your registration and open a new member account. Without this last step you cannot become a free of charge member at make-e-business  for safety reasons.

General terms and conditions and privacy protection statement

Please read the General terms and conditions as well as the privacy protection statement and accept them.

The General terms and conditions of make-e-business, the commercial trading platform of take-e-way, represent the legal basis of the relationship between you and take-e-way. The General terms and conditions include an explanation of the different services and functions. Furthermore, they include a description of the privacy protection directives as well as of the relationships of manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, traders of electrical devices when entering devices and approaching commercial interested parties.

Furthermore, you have to be at least 18 years old and have a registered business in order to be allowed to use make-e-business since make-e-business is only intended for companies and tradesmen of the industry for electrical devices, who can enter legally binding contracts. Minors or private individuals are unfortunately excluded to use make-e-business.

Did you forget your password?

If you forgot your user name or password make-e-business can send it the Email address which you stored for your make-e-business account.

Did you forget your user name?

Please contact take-e-way by pohne or by Email

 How to log in your My make-e-business:

  1. Click on the navigation bar at the top of My make-e-business
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Confirm the General terms and conditions

Safety tip: If you use the PC together with other persons or if you use a public PC, it is recommended to always log out for safety reasons whenever you quit the make-e-business website. To do so, click on the button "Logout" in the navigation bar at the top.

  1. Click on Login.


Information for commercial members – Entering electrical devices:


All relevant legal regulations are applicable on the take-e-way trading platform for electrical devices make-e-business. The use of foreign copyright photos, pictures or texts from other sources without consent of the holder of right generally does not represent a copyright infringement.


A misuse of a trademark is generally given if the designation of the device (title) or in the description of the device words are used which make reference to another mark than the trademark of the device.

WEEE Electrical and electronic equipment act in Germany

The WEEE is the directive of the European Parliament and of the council about used electrical devices and electronic equipment. It means among others that companies and traders who directly import electrical devices and electronic equipment or who initially commission electrical devices take back used devices in the frame of their product responisibility and have to supply them to proper disposal or recycling. The manufacturers and importers of electrical devices have to request a registration.

Battery law in Germany

The battery law which came into force on December 1st, 2009 is the directive of the European Parliament and of the council regarding batteries and accumulators as well as used batteries and used accumulators.

The core of the implementation of the directive to national right is the law about commissioning, taking back an environmentally friendly disposal of batteries and accumulators (battery law). It prescribes among others binding taking back quota and limit values for the use of cadmium and mercury and the manufacturers and importers acting on the German market are obliged to register themselves in a national register of manufacturers (under and to participate in a take-back system for batteries in order to be allowed to commission batteries and accumulators further on.

Packaging ordinance in Germany

The packaging ordinance is the directive of the European Parliament and of the Council regarding packaging and waste from packaging according to the Act on the Close Substance Cycle and Waste Management (KrW/AbfG) (Waste Act). This directive aims to avoid or reduce the effects of waste from packaging on the environment. Furthermore, the reuse of packaging, material recycling as well as other kinds of recycling should be given priority to the disposal of sales packaging.

In order to ensure the achievement of the objectives, the packaging ordinance was last modified by its 5th amendment. Since January 1st, 2009, it additionally prescribes obligations for the concerned companies, in particular for "manufacturers and traders who initially commission the sales packaging filled with goods which typically accrue at the premises of the "private end user". This includes e.g. also mail order companies and internet traders.

Price indications in the descriptions of electrical devices

It is forbidden to make price indications in the descriptions of electrical devices. Make-e-business is intended to be a pure network portal for companies and tradesmen of the industry of electrical devices and it is forbidden to make any price indications in the descriptions of the devices.

Obligation to publish an imprint for sending of descriptions of devices including price indications

If required, after an approach of a commercial member the members may directly contact each other outside make-e-business e.g. by Email. If the potential commercial interested party receives the data from the supplier of the electrical device and has thus access to the "total supply" including prices and manufacturer’s data, this "total supply" must also include an imprint of the supplier of commercial electrical devices.

Safety and trust on make-e-business

By the E seal of certification, take-e-way offers you exclusive access to safe devices according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, battery law and packaging ordinance. Thus it is visualized to resellers that the manufacturer or importer of electrical devices and batteries complied with the corresponding laws and environmental requirements.

Furthermore, you may use make-e-business as trading platform to extend your network (b2b network) and to approach new business partners worldwide, find attractive new electronic products for your customers and offer your own products worldwide.

The approach is based on the interest in your products. The commercial interested party may approach you due to the electrical device products via make-e-business.

The approach will be processed via the message management on My make-e-business.

My make-e-business management

Writing messages

Here you can send messages to manufacturers, importers and importing wholesales within make-e-business. The approach takes place anonymously on both sides; only your user name is visible. After sending the message, the manufacturer, importer or importing wholesaler will receive an Email that he may retrieve a message on My make-e-business.  

Reading messages

As soon as you have received a commercial approach message, information will be sent to the Email address which you stored on make-e-business.

Incoming mail

If you have received a message on My make-e-business, you will receive an Email. In the incoming mail of My make-e-business you can actually retrieve the incoming messages.

Outgoing mail

In the outgoing mail on My make-e-business you will find all sent messages.

My products

On my products you can manage all electrical devices and batteries, enter new electrical devices and batteries, modify and delete publications.

Changing user data

By clicking on the button “Changing user data” you can change the member groups by selecting manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or trader and in this way adapt your access options according to the activity of your company.

Changing password

Here you can change your password for My make-e-business.

Notify address change

Here you can inform the take-e-way team about a change of address data of your company or your changing of the company name in writing.